Symbolic meaning of Esperanza collection

Significado Esperanza Balarmú joyería artesanal en porcelana Madrid



The inspiration


To create this collection, we were inspired by the deeper meaning of Taijitu, commonly referred to as Yin and Yang: the generative principle of the entire universe according to the philosophies of Taoism and Confucianism.

Taijitu - "the pattern of supreme transformation" - served to explain the dynamics behind every natural phenomenon. From the alternation of day and night and the rhythm of the seasons to the moods of the smallest thinking creature in the universe: the human being.

According to this principle, the flow of the vital energy of the cosmos - the - needs two opposite poles, one negative (yin) and one positive (yang), in order to constantly manifest and transform itself.

However, these poles should not be seen in an ethical perspective of good and evil, but simply as physical laws of opposites that complement and self-regulate each other. They are interdependent and move in a circle in an endless dance.

To go one step further, for this handmade jewel we have fused the Taijitu with the Analemma, a symbol very similar to Bernoulli's lemniscata (the symbol of infinity), which represents the curve that describes the position of the sun in the sky when observed every day of the year at the same time and from the same point on the earth.

The origin of the analemma - from the Greek, "base of the sundial" - is very ancient, and it was used in the Middle Ages to construct the first meridians for measuring time.



Decorative motifs 


The jewel consists of two parts. On the top you will notice a sun and a crescent. These are two ancient symbols present in many cultures: from Egyptian mythology (Uroboros) and Greek mythology (Apollo and Artemis) to Hinduism (Shiva) and Islam, the lower piece is a lemniscata inspired by the solar analemma.

The choice of dividing the curves in two different colors (in the colored versions that you will see soon ;) wants to recall the indissoluble relationship between Yin and Yang, with a harmonic movement similar to two swan's necks.



Symbolic meaning


The Esperanza collection aims to be a symbol of optimism, perseverance and, of course, hope.

This handcrafted jewelry expresses the importance of taking a courageous and patient view of all the events we live through. Although no one likes to go through dark times, suffering and uncertainty, it is all part of the incredible and inexplicable cycle of life. Yin and Yang reminds us that everything in this universe has its opposite, and that in order for something good and satisfying to manifest, it is physically reasonable for us to go through the opposite at some point.

To solve a complicated situation that affects us, it is inevitable to face it with patience and courage. To knit a beautiful sweater by hand, it is essential to first untangle a tangled ball of wool.

And in this inexplicable and infinite dance of opposites lies the harmony of all the elements that make up the universe, including human beings.

Just as the sun unflinchingly describes the illusion of its curve in our sky over and over again, come what may. Whether there is one, ten or twenty days of rain, there will always be a day of sunshine. After a winter, there will always be a spring. After a night, there will always be a dawn.

So sometimes, instead of desperately looking for a logical reason behind every problem or difficulty that comes our way, it may be more productive to let it flow, to be patient, and to overcome it with courage and hope, because eventually something will change.

It may not be exactly what you wanted and not even in the way you expected, so cherish every positive change in your life and never despair, because there is always a chance if you have hope.

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