Our values

pendientes de invitada de boda y fiesta


Live all your ways of being with art!

We believe that the human being, like any other organism and element present in nature, has not only one, but infinite ways of being.
We believe that art is and should be a precious tool to express ourselves to the world with total freedom and authenticity.

In all our communication channels and on Instagram, we are committed to proposing our vision of the world: free, colorful and inclusive.

We condemn any act of cyberbullying, online hate speech, racism, body shaming or homotransphobia against Balarmú and the people who are part of our community.

We dream of a modern society where everyone can live and express themselves without fear or shame.

Balarmú means peaceful dialogue between different worlds, so here you are and here you will be at home.



Balarmú | Joyas artesanales con un significado | Alessandro Barbera Formica fundador


Mission & vision

Behind every handmade jewel and every Balarmú creation there is a detailed and meticulous study, so that it is not only a handcrafted jewel, but also an amulet that carries a deep symbolic value.

We do all this thanks to the research of, among other things, iconographic, symbolic and semiotic resources, folkloric and mythological traditions, historical events, ancient legends and much more.

Balarmú's mission is to create pieces that you feel comfortable with and that help you communicate to the world all your ways of being with art, culture, originality and, yes, once again, freedom.

Our vision is to continue exploring different cultures and worlds to create unique, allegorical and original creations.

We dream that the Balarmú project will grow and become a point of reference for Spanish craftsmanship on an international level.

Well, if you have to dream, dream big! ;)



Our values

No gender, no labels

Our handmade jewelry has no gender. It is for people.

We believe that art means inclusivity and that everyone should express themselves in the way they most want and desire. 




The Balarmú project was born with the desire to combine forms and traditions from different worlds to create pieces that preserve the peaceful fruit of multicultural exchange. Because when cultures talk to each other, wonderful things can happen.




We are committed to the fight against climate change and to respecting the environment. From the design phase, through manufacturing, baking and packaging, we always opt for solutions that are as sustainable as possible.



Slow fashion   

In order to further actively reduce our environmental impact, we do not have massive stocks and aim to produce on demand, thus avoiding any form of unnecessary waste.

If you notice on our website that we are out of stock of the creation you were looking for, please check back in 3-4 weeks.

Indeed, depending on the specific model, for each handmade jewel to be completely finished and properly tested, it usually takes between 20 and 30 working days of our craftspeople.

All this is part of our commitment to offer you the utmost attention to detail, to contribute to environmental sustainability, and at the same time to respect the time required for a handcrafted production.



High quality

For all Balarmú collections, we use only the highest quality raw materials: from the purest Jingdezhen porcelain to the finest pigments, enamels and ceramics.

Each piece of our handmade jewelry always comes with a hypoallergenic stud, which, depending on the model, can be plated with certified gold.

We never use polymer clay, cold porcelain or even plastic materials, PVC or other potentially toxic components.


Handmade uniqueness

Behind every Balarmú creation, there is an artisan who shapes, forms and enamels your small work of art using their fingers.

Behind each line and each decorative motif there is an artistic intention, a meticulous research to offer you something that, beyond its aesthetics, is your instrument to tell the world a story, a human value, an idea.

This is why the handcrafted jewel you hold in your hands will be a unique creation, unrepeatable and made exclusively for you.




Transparency and clarity go hand in hand at Balarmú because we want you to feel at home here

  • In the description of each piece of handmade jewelry you will find in detail the raw materials used, the actual dimensions, the weight, the symbolic meaning and many other curiosities.

  • Our handmade porcelain jewelry is guaranteed for 90 days from the day the order is received. For all the details, please see our terms of service.

  • All our prices include VAT and you will not be charged any amount not expressly displayed throughout the purchase process.

  • We ensure and protect the privacy of your personal data at all times. We do not share them with third parties and we use them only and exclusively so that you can buy in our online store with total security. For more information please see our privacy policy.

  • If you have any questions or doubts, please check our FAQ and if you can't find what you are looking for, please send us an email through our contact section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our community

Alessandro Barbera Formica | Balarmú | Joyeria artesanal Madrid

Balarmú is based on the principles of cooperation and exchange on a human, cultural and artistic level.

We deeply believe in the enriching value of artistic collaborations, and that is why everything you see on our communication channels such as Instagram (content, photos, videos, concepts, etc.) is possible thanks to the multitude of people and artists who share our values and join our community by giving their talent, time and passion.

As you may have read in the section about Balarmú, one of our main goals is to create a multidisciplinary arts collective that participates in the holistic realization of our creations.

And of course, the Balarmú community is also made up of all the people who buy our handmade jewelry, follow us on Instagram, share our values and allow this project to continue, improve and grow.

To all these people:


Thank you!