Cómo cuidar las joyas artesanales y la joyería artesanal


"Do your porcelain earrings weigh a lot?"

No, they don't weigh much.

And if you watch this video, we'll show you with a practical example



As you may have noticed, even a pen can weigh more than one of our earrings.

For each collection, we conduct an ergonomic study to ensure the piece is completely comfortable, secure, and easy to wear.




"Are your porcelain earrings very fragile?"

Here too, the answer is no.

In comparison, for example, with polymer clay or other plastic materials, handmade porcelain jewelry has unique resistance against impacts and scratches, and they do not easily fragment or break.

Additionally, our earrings come with a comfortable anti-fall clasp.

Just tighten it slightly to adhere to your lobe and provide maximum security.



Do you have more questions?

Below you will find all our frequently asked questions.

If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact us to resolve any questions you may have.

We are always available to clarify your doubts with maximum clarity and transparency.



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    Raw materials


    What material is your handmade jewelry made of?

    Only high quality porcelain is used for our handmade jewelry.


    What porcelain do you use?

    We use a type of extra-white porcelain from the city of Jingdezhen, the world capital of "white gold" and the cradle of Chinese imperial porcelain for 1,700 years..


    Do you work with polymer clay, cold porcelain, or other plastic materials?

    No, not at any time. We use only certified ceramic porcelain.


    Is handmade porcelain jewelry toxic?

    Our porcelain is 100% non-toxic, totally safe for health, without plastic additives or heavy metals.


    What is porcelain?

    Porcelain is a unique type of ceramic material made of kaolin, feldspar, quartz, and clay. To harden it, it requires firing in professional kilns at high temperatures, which can reach up to 1,800°.


    Cómo nace el término “porcelana” joyería artesanal Balarmú


    What is the etymology of the word "porcelain"?

    It is a word of Italian origin. Its etymology comes from the name of a type of shell: the cowrie shell (Cypraea chinensis), which was called "porcellana" in ancient Italian.

    When the first Oriental porcelain objects arrived in Venice in the 13th century, it was not known what they were made of, as China had always kept their composition a secret. And since their color was very similar to that of shells, it was thought that they were a mixture of marine porcelain powders. Hence the origin of the term.

    One last curiosity: the cowrie shell was commonly called "porcellana" in ancient Italian because, according to etymologists, its shape resembled what was called in vulgar Italian "porcelletta" or "porca", i.e. the vulva of a female pig.


    Are "porcelain" and "cold porcelain" the same thing? What is the difference? 

    • Cold porcelain, although it is commonly called as such, is not porcelain at all. It is a kind of paste based on cornstarch, vinyl glue, kerosene, citric acid, petroleum jelly, glycerin and sodium benzoate. It is not baked at any time as it dries in the air, therefore it has minimal resistance and is easy to melt. You can even make it at home or find it in any craft store. 


    • True porcelain, on the other hand, is a special type of ceramic made of kaolin, feldspar, quartz and clay. Its origin dates back to the 7th-10th century in China, during the Tang Dynasty. Porcelain is famous for its strength, whiteness, translucency and exceptional quality. It is purchased only from certified manufacturers and suppliers of ceramic materials that meet the highest standards in the ceramic industry.



    What is "polymer clay" and how is it different from "porcelain"?

    • Polymer clay, also known as bakeable plasticine, is not clay, but an industrially manufactured moldable paste similar to plasticine. It is based on PVC, a plastic polymer consisting of several molecules of vinyl chloride - a petroleum derivative - to which plastic glues, adhesives and other chemical components are added. It does not require professional ovens to harden, as a typical kitchen oven is sufficient. Baking can release gases containing hydrochloric acid, which are very harmful to health, and it is advisable to always wear gloves when handling polymer clay, avoiding contact with the eyes and respiratory tract, as this can cause intoxication and allergic reactions.


    • Porcelain, as I mentioned above, is a particular type of ceramic and, like all ceramics, it needs professional kilns to harden. Unlike polymer clay, it is indeed a type of clay and does not contain PVC, or even any other plastic derivative or hydrocarbon-based component. It is an artificial material in the sense that it is created by the artificial composition of more natural mineral elements.



    Why is ceramic porcelain more valuable than cold porcelain or polymer clay?

    Because porcelain is a noble material, with ancient origins and unique characteristics. In fact, porcelain is often referred to as "white gold".

    Unlike other ceramic products, it is extremely demanding in terms of composition, firing temperatures and manufacturing processes.
    Moreover, the presence of minerals gives porcelain an inestimable value in terms of appearance, resistance and prestige.

    It is sufficient to think that a piece of porcelain, if well protected and kept in optimal conditions, can last for centuries.

    A very concrete example of its longevity are the marvels that can still be admired in the Royal Porcelain Manufactory of Capodimonte in Naples and in the Buen Retiro in Madrid, both of which were founded by King Charles III in the 18th century.


    Are porcelain and ceramic the same thing? What is the difference?

    • The word "ceramic" comes from the Greek κεραμικός (keramikós), i.e. "made of clay", and it would be more correct to use this term to refer to the art of making fired clay objects in general, i.e. as a synonym for "pottery" (from the Hispanic-Arabic alfaj jár, "clay").

    However, it is increasingly common to use the term "ceramic" to refer to any type of clay object that is fired at least 600°.
    On the other hand, when we speak of "clay", we are referring only to the raw material of ceramics, i.e. the clay that we use to shape the object before firing.

    "Ceramic materials" are those that contain clay and are used to make products that undergo at least one firing.

    The 4 main ceramic materials are: porcelain, stoneware, terracotta and earthenware. From these, many other categories of materials have been formed according to the finish, processing technique and mixture of the initial components.

    • Porcelain is therefore a type of ceramic material, since it contains clay as one of its components and requires firing to harden.

    However, unlike other ceramic materials, porcelain, like stoneware, requires very high firing temperatures and guarantees the highest levels of impermeability, strength and translucency. 


    Is porcelain jewelry air-dried?

    The handmade production of porcelain jewelry requires a long and meticulous process. In fact, all our creations are fired between 2 and 3 times (the "third fire" technique) in professional kilns at high temperatures that can reach up to 1800°C.

    Porcelain does not air dry and requires higher temperatures to solidify than any other ceramic material.


    Is it possible to break handmade porcelain jewelry?

    Compared to, for example, polymer clay or other plastic materials, handmade porcelain jewelry has a unique resistance to impacts and scratches, and does not fragment or break easily.

    However, it is still a fragile product and we recommend that you take care of your handcrafted jewelry in the event of falls and bumps.



    Can I bathe while wearing porcelain jewelry?

    Thanks to its low porosity, porcelain is a waterproof ceramic material. Nevertheless, we recommend that you avoid prolonged contact with water when wearing our handmade porcelain jewelry (shower, sea, swimming pool, sports, etc.).


    How to clean handmade porcelain jewelry?

    Gently rub your piece with a dry microfiber cloth or lightly wet with warm water. Do not use abrasive sponges or chemical products. In case of stains, simply moisten the cloth with warm water and a drop of neutral soap.



    How much do Balarmú handmade porcelain earrings weigh?

    For each collection we carry out an ergonomic study to make the piece comfortable, safe and practical. Nevertheless, in each product description you can consult the dimensions and the specific weight to choose always in a clear and transparent way.


    Is your handmade jewelry hand-painted?

    Of course! Our artisans paint the creations entirely by hand, one by one. We use only the highest quality glazes and vitrifiable pigments specific to porcelain and high-temperature firing.

    If you would like to know more, please see our section on how Balarmú handmade porcelain jewelry is made.


    What is gold luster? Do you use it for your handcrafted jewelry?

    This is an ancient technique that allows you to apply a precious percentage of liquid gold to a ceramic surface. But be careful: you may be sold pieces that do not have real gold, but acrylic glazes, resins and mica powders that only reproduce the color of gold.

    At Balarmú, our artists apply a gold luster that contains a minimum of 10% real gold.




    Mountings & settings


    Do you use hypoallergenic jewelry settings for your handmade porcelain earrings?

    Of course. All of our handmade porcelain jewelry earrings come with highly hypoallergenic and totally nickel-free settings. Please read the description of each earring to see exactly and transparently which setting has been used.



    Which earring closure do you use for your handmade porcelain earrings?

    To guarantee maximum safety and, above all, your total comfort, we use bullet clutch earring backs, highly hypoallergenic and designed to adapt to all types of lobes.



    How to care for mountings and settings of handmade jewelry? 

    - Always keep your handmade jewelry separate and store your Balarmú creations in a closed box

    - When storing your earrings, make sure that the spikes on the back of the earrings always face up to avoid pressure on them.

    - Avoid exposing your earrings to perfumes, creams, make-up, sweat or chemical agents.

    - Clean your earrings from time to time with a simple microfiber cloth, avoiding detergents and cleaning products.

      It is essential that you follow all of the above guidelines to preserve the condition of your earring settings. Remember that, being porcelain, the findings were glued with a professional glue since it is technically impossible to solder them to a ceramic surface. Therefore, their good condition will depend on the way you take care of them.

      Finally, always keep in mind that any type of gold-plated hardware will inevitably lose some of its color over time.

      This is a normal process and do not believe anyone who tells you otherwise.
      Only solid gold-filled findings do not lose their color, and that is why they have an extremely high price.

      However, if you take good care of them, your gold-plated findings will retain their color for a long time.



      Do you have a warranty period for the settings?

      Of course. Upon receipt of your order, you will have a 90 day warranty in the unlikely event that the disk should detach from the earring. We only use special and professional adhesives, but we still want to give you this warranty period as a commitment.

      For more information, please see our shipping and returns policy. 

      Important note: our 90-day warranty does not cover loss, damage, breakage due to dropping, wear and tear or improper storage of our handmade jewelry.



       pendientes artesanales originales invitada



      Can I cancel an order? 

      Unfortunately not. Once the payment has been made, it is not possible to cancel it. However, once you have received your order, you have up to 14 calendar days to return it for a full refund.
      Return shipping costs are to be paid by the customer.

      For more information, please see our shipping and returns policy.


      Can I change my order once I have paid?

      After payment, your order will be immediately sent to the workshop for processing. If you find that you have chosen something by mistake (for example, the color), please contact us immediately by email specifying the type of request ¨changes¨ and, if it is still possible, we will try to solve the problem.

      Please note that for logistical reasons we cannot change an order if it has been more than 12 hours since you made the payment.


      Will I receive any confirmation of my order by mail? 

      Of course! Check the email address you used to complete your order and also check your spam box.

      If more than 12 hours have passed and you still haven't received confirmation, please contact us by mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


      Will I receive exactly the item I see on your website?

      Of course. Please note, though, that since these items are handmade, each piece is unique and may slightly differ from the product photos. 

      Due to the nature of our handmade jewelry, minor differences in color or shape between one piece and another within the same model are not considered manufacturing flaws.

      Rather, they are slight variations due to the completely handmade nature of the product.

      And that is exactly our goal: to offer you something that has been designed and handcrafted exclusively for you.

      Can I customize your handcrafted jewelry? 

      The collections you currently see in our online store are not customizable beyond the colors available.

      However, if you have in mind a particular model of jewelry that is in line with our style and values, we could make it as a custom order.

      Send us an email putting in the type of request ¨Custom order¨ and we will be happy to meet all your needs to give life to your ideas.


      What is the order preparation time?

      As you may have seen in the section of our values, we are a slow fashion brand and we do not have massive stocks, trying to produce on demand to avoid any form of waste. To process an order we take between 2 and 5 working days, as it is our commitment to check again and again that the piece is properly tested and ready for shipment..

      Since all our pieces go through a complex artisanal process, if you notice on our website that we are out of stock of the creation you are looking for, please check back in 3-4 weeks.

      In fact, depending on the specific model, it usually takes between 20 and 30 working days for each handcrafted jewel to be completely finished and properly tested by our artisans.

      On each product page, you will be able to see the number of stock currently available for that particular product.


      Which packaging do you use? 

      In order to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible and increase the circular economy, we use sustainable packaging made of cardboard and without plastic that you can recycle or reuse according to your needs. You will receive your jewelry in a box that we encourage you to use to store your creation.


      Do you offer gift boxes? 

      All our creations come in solid, elegant boxes without any sales receipt, so you can easily use them as gift boxes.



      Do you make bridal earrings or wedding guest earrings?

      We have had the immense pleasure of "virtually participating" in many weddings with the collections you can currently see on our website.
      However, if you already have something in mind and are looking for bridal, wedding and guest earrings that match our style and values, we can make them as a custom order.
      Send us an email with the type of request ¨custom order¨ and we will be happy to know all your needs to give life to your ideas.

      In addition, very soon we will launch a collection of handmade bridal accessories and earrings fully customizable.

      So follow us on our Instagram to not miss all the upcoming news.






      To which countries do you ship?

      Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (Peninsula/Balearic Islands), Sweden.



      Do you do express shipping?

      At the moment we do not have this option. However, if you have a specific event and you need your handmade earrings as soon as possible, please contact us putting in the type of query "express shipping" to offer you a solution.


      How much does shipping cost?

      Shipping is always totally free.


      How long do shipments take?

      Depending on your destination and barring unforeseen events (holidays, public holidays, etc.), shipments usually take from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 14 working days.


      Can I send my order to someone else?

      Unfortunately this is not possible due to Privacy and Data Protection issues.



      I entered an incorrect address and the package has already been shipped, what do I do?

      Please contact us as soon as you recognize any errors. We will do our best to pass this information on to the courier company while the package is in transit.



      Will you let me know when my order is shipped?

      Of course! The same day of shipment you will receive an email in which we will provide you with a code to track your order at all times.



      My order has not arrived, what should I do?

      Remember that, as it is a registered mail shipment, you will be able to track your order at all times with the code we send you.

      Unfortunately the courier management is out of our reach and it is essential that you contact the Correos Group to resolve the incident. Anyway we remain at your disposal at all times for any questions or needs. 




      Changes & returns


      Can I return my product?

      Of course. See our shipping and return policy for more information.



      My product broke during shipment, what do I do?

      Do not worry at all. You are entitled to an exchange and/or refund. Please refer to our shipping and returns policy for the return steps.



      Do you offer any kind of guarantee?

      Yes, from the date of receipt of the order, you will have a 90-day warranty period, but only and exclusively with regard to:

      • The remote possibility of the disk on the back of the earrings coming off. 

      In the event that this happens within 90 days of receipt of your order, please contact us with the inquiry type "warranty replacement" and you will be entitled to a replacement of the same part at no additional cost. See our shipping and returns policy for more information.


      Important note: Our 90-day warranty does not cover loss, damage, breakage due to dropping, wear and tear or improper storage of our handmade jewelry.



      I am still waiting for my refund.

      Please note that refunds will not be processed while orders are in transit. Returned orders must arrive at our facility in perfect condition before any refund will be processed. If you have confirmation that we have received your return, please first verify your bank account and then contact us. We will be happy to assist you and solve all your needs.







      Is VAT included in the price I see on the website?

      Yes, exactly. All prices include VAT and at no time will you be asked to pay any other tax.



      Can I pay cash on delivery?

      Unfortunately, this is not possible.



      Can I cancel a completed payment?

      Unfortunately this is not possible. However, once you have received your order, you have up to 14 calendar days to return it for a full refund. For more information, please see our shipping and returns policy.



      If I am in Madrid, can I pay physically?

      Unfortunately this is not possible. For security and transparency reasons, all payments are made only and exclusively through the payment gateway on our website.

      However, if you are purchasing at a pop-up or in-person event in which we are participating, you will of course be able to pay physically. 


      Will I receive a paper purchase receipt?

      To ensure a more sustainable purchasing process, we do not print paper receipts as you will receive a digital purchase receipt directly by email.


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      Favicono Balarmú joyería artesanal en porcelana


      The brand Balarmú 


      Are you a Spanish brand?

      Yes, exactly. Balarmú is a project of high Spanish craftsmanship. All our creations are made in Madrid and we acquire our raw materials from certified suppliers operating in Spain. If you want to know more about our brand, check out the section about Balarmú.



      Can I duplicate or copy your handcrafted creations?

      Not at all. All our creations are protected by copyright and intellectual property. Any attempt of plagiarism is strictly prohibited and severely punished by law.


      Do you have a physical store?

      We do not have a physical store, but we often participate in pop-ups and professional flea markets. So follow us on instagram to not miss any event. 



      ¿Do you make only handmade jewelry earrings?

      For the moment, yes, but we are planning to offer you soon a line of handmade ceramics for interior design in pure Balarmú style.
      So follow us on our Instagram to stay always up to date

      Does your handmade porcelain jewelry have a symbolic meaning?

      Yes, exactly. Each collection is the result of a long and meticulous research to propose pieces that, beyond their pure aesthetics, carry a symbolic meaning. 

      In the "handmade jewelry" section of our website you can discover in detail the inspiration, the decorative motifs and the meaning of each line of handmade porcelain jewelry.


      Blanco | MADRID | pendientes artesanales 8 Balarmu


      How can I contact Balarmú? 

      To contact us, please fill out the form on our contact page or send us an email directly to info@balarmu.com. We will solve all your doubts and questions as soon as possible. 

      We do not have a mobile number and do not use Facebook or Instagram as official communication channels.

      So we recommend that you always use email for all official communications


      Why should I sign up for your newsletter?

      Because, first, we will not spam you at any time. And, secondly, because it is the only way to access discounts and special promotions that are aimed exclusively at our subscribers and most loyal customers.  





      pendientes de invitada de boda y fiesta


      Wholesale & collaborations


      I have a special event and I would like to make a custom order, is it possible?

      Of course! Send us an email with the type of request ¨custom order¨. We will be happy to know all your needs to propose you an original creation in line with our style.



      Is it possible to order the custom production of a series of ceramic products, series of plates, objects, etc.?

      Of course! Send us an email putting in the type of consultation ¨custom order¨. We will be happy to meet all your needs to give life to your ideas.



      Do you do custom orders for bridal, guest and wedding earrings?? 

      Of course! Send us an email with the type of request ¨custom order¨. We will be happy to know all your needs to propose you an original creation in line with our style.




      If I have a physical store, can I offer Balarmú creations to my customers??

      Of course! Send us an email putting in the type of consultation ¨physical store¨. We can't wait to meet you.


      I am an influencer and I would like to propose Balarmú creations to my followers. Would it be possible?

      Of course! Send us an email putting in the type of query ¨collaboration influencer¨. We can't wait to meet you.



      If I have an online store, can I offer Balarmú creations to my customers?

      Unfortunately this is not possible. Balarmú creations are for sale online only and exclusively through our official channels.


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