Handmade porcelain jewelry

live with art all your ways of being!

Handmade jewelry handcrafted in Spain


Unique handmade porcelain earrings

each collection with deep symbolic meaning

Spanish handmade jewelry

How is Balarmú handmade jewellery created?

Each piece of our handmade porcelain jewelry is crafted and enameled by artisans.

High craftsmanship in porcelain and ceramics

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We are a company from Madrid, but with international blood and multicultural vision. Learn more about our project

Our values

our world is free, colorful and inclusive

  • High quality 

    From the purest porcelain to the finest pigments and glazes, we use only the highest quality raw materials

  • Handmade

    Behind every Balarmú creation, there is an artisan who shapes, forms and enamels your small work of art using their fingers

  • Multicultural

    We combine forms and traditions from different worlds to create pieces that preserve the peaceful fruit of multicultural exchange

  • Transparency

    We want you to feel at home here, so we always do everything with transparency and clarity

  • Sustainable

    In order to contribute to sustainability, we don't create massive stockpiles. We respect the timing of artisanal production

  • No gender

    Our jewelry is for people, not genders. Art is and must be a precious tool to express ourselves with total freedom and authenticity

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