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Como se hacen las joyas artesanales | joyeria artesanal en porcelana Balarmu

Handmade jewelry process

Although, of course, there is no single way to make handmade jewelry, there are some main factors common to all types of handmade production:

    • Design
    • Raw materials
    • Tools
    • Time


    One depends on the other. The previous factor inevitably conditions the next, creating a perpetual cycle.

    If you work with metals, for example, the chemical properties of copper will never be the same as those of silver, and from there you have to adapt your design to what is really feasible, choose the right tools, take into account the different production and soldering times, and so on.


    Or, if you want to make handmade jewelry with a ceramic material, as is the case with Balarmú, you should keep in mind that if you use a low-temperature clay, such as terracotta, neither the process nor the requirements are the same as when you use, for example, stoneware or porcelain, which are instead high-temperature.

    There will be different firing times, temperature levels, number of firings, different porosity, type of glazes, and of course the final result will be completely different.


    So that you can understand everything clearly and vividly, we will tell you about our specific experience so that you can virtually participate in our handmade jewelry making process.

    How we make our handmade porcelain jewelry

    • Como se crean las joyas artesanales 1 | joyeria artesanal | Balarmu

      1. Hands in the porcelain

      Fingers and craft tools to start modeling porcelain according to the design of each collection.

    • Como se crean las joyas artesanales 2 | joyeria artesanal | Balarmu

      2. Details & holes

      Before the first air drying, it is time to check the lines, add details and apply the holes.

    • Como se crean las joyas artesanales 3 | joyeria artesanal | Balarmu

      3. Touch-ups and brush

      Fingers, brushes, and water to smooth surfaces, inspect, define shapes, and correct mistakes.

    • Como se crean las joyas artesanales 4 | joyeria artesanal | Balarmu

      4. Sandpaper and sponge

      Patience and delicacy for polishing, resizing with sandpaper and porcelain sponges.

    • Como se crean las joyas artesanales 5 | joyeria artesanal | Balarmu

      5. Firings

      Once enameled, it is time to fire the piece: once or twice, depending on the desired finish, and at a minimum of 1200°.

    • Como se crean las joyas artesanales 6 | joyeria artesanal | Balarmu

      6. Colors and magnifier

      Paints, brushes, music, a magnifying glass, and lots and lots of attention to detail. It's time to paint and color the creation.

    • tercer fuego joyas artesanales de porcelana Balarmu

      7. Third fire

      Another firing - the "third fire" - to bring to life the colors applied to the glazed piece.

    • Como se crean las joyas artesanales 8 | joyeria artesanal | Balarmu

      8. Cleaning and testing

      After all the craftsmanship, it is time for the cleaning and careful testing of the piece.

    • Fornituras hipoalergénicas joyería artesanal Balarmú

      9. Mountings

      Jeweler's pliers and magnifying glass: It is time to check the piece one last time and to apply the hypoallergenic findings.

    • packaging joyas artesanales de porcelana Balarmu

      10. Packaging and shipping

      We put your jewelry in sustainable packaging, label and...oh, I won't spoil your surprise ;)

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